Papa Roach have become one of rock's most visible bands on TikTok, what with their era-bridging collaborations with stars from the video-sharing social network such as Jeris Johnson. Recently, Roach guitarist Jerry Horton kept that cross-generational synergy going by using TikTok's Duet feature to jam with creator Taylor Acorn on a cover of Papa Roach's "Scars."

Acorn's probably best known to TikTokers for her many acoustic cover vids, if not to country music fans for original numbers such as "Put It In a Song." And Papa Roach's love for the TikTok community clearly goes beyond any one musical style. Horton's tasteful electric guitar additions to Acorn's low-key rendition of "Scars" make a perfect match regardless of genre.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"Ever hear the ebow in Scars?" Papa Roach asked fans on Wednesday (March 17) when sharing a clip of the Horton and Acorn jam. The group's referring to the hand-held electronic bow Horton's playing with his guitar, the EBow. It's used to get the song's sustaining guitar figures.

"This talented lady is Taylor Acorn," the band added. "Had to duet it."

"Scars" appears on Papa Roach's 2004 album Getting Away With Murder, and the heartfelt track remains a fan favorite to this day. The band's latest studio effort is 2019's Who Do You Trust? Currently, they're working on a new album as well as working on their sobriety.

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