I know better than to leave my CDs in my car. I have almost all of them in a case so they are safe. However, I took a road trip and had them slung out all over the place. (I am messy when I travel.) I thought that I had picked them up, but I hadn't. One was tucked under a seat. Believe it or not, the Ace Frehley CD you see in the picture wasn't even in the sun. That was only from the heat. How crazy is that? I have left them in the sun before and they were worse, so I thought I learned my lesson. HA!

Every one of my CDs is now in the case for safe keeping. I need to get myself a new Ace Frehley CD. He isn't the best in the business, but it is good roadtrippin' music, for sure!

Townsquare Media / Kelly West
Kelly West's Ace Frehely CD

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