Back in January, the WSDOT posted some pretty eerie images of what was believed to be a Bigfoot sighting captured by the "pass-cams". Well, the WSDOT via their twitter page, has reported that the cryptozoological blurry beast we thought was captured on film, was nothing but a wood cut out.

So, not to say what hasn't been said, but they say it was a rumor, that a wood cutout of Sasquatch is what was captured, but when they went there, the cutout was gone! Are they sure it was really a cutout? Or maybe, could the cutout have been taken by AN ACTUAL BIGFOOT!?!? Before you dismiss this whole case, just remember, absence of proof, is not proof of absence. More proof might just be found at the upcoming Yakima Valley Bigfoot Con at Yakima Legends Casino on April 17th & 18th.

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