I have never really been a pack rat or a hoarder. But I most recently moved, and when I went through everything, I couldn't believe the stuff I had kept. I threw most of it away. But I had a pair of Harley-Davidson boots that I have had since 1993. I bought them at Green River Harley-Davidson in Green River, Wyo.


So they're 23 years old. I used to wear them all of the time. I need to get a new pair. They do not make them like my old ones, though. My old boots were lace only and not zippers up the side. I hate the zip boots. Every time I go to throw them away, I get to the garbage and I just can't. I end up setting them down and say I will later!

What are you still keeping that you know you should throw away, but just cannot? Tell us in the comments below.


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