Imagine my surprise, I get home from the radio station. Get done eating dinner with the family. My son is in his room doing his thing (door was open, so I'm not worrying), I decide to zone out and channel surf. As I'm flipping through the channels, a familiar blue picture pops on my screen, and I immediately know it's Jeopardy. For me it's never been been a "tune in, I have to watch" show, but more like an old favorite movie like Forrest Gump. I love it, won't really go out of my way to watch it, but when it's on I'm glued! I'm glad I didn't keep flipping because, I was finally able to get one right!

Pic courtesy of Bonny Nagle Elrod
Pic courtesy of Bonny Nagle Elrod

Washington state's Yakima Valley is the USA's center of producing these, which give beer its distinctive taste.

What is Hops? I'm only 100% sure that is the correct answer to the Jeopardy question that was broadcast on Thursday's (May 20th) episode of the TV's popular quiz show! Sure enough, guest host Buzzy Cohen, said "That is correct". Imagine winning the lottery and having no one to share it with! That's kind of how I felt, when I yelled for my family that we were on Jeopardy! They missed it & they didn't believe me. Well thanks to Bonny Nagle Elrod, she was quick enough with her camera and got a good picture of her TV. Now at least I have proof for my family that Yakima was on Jeopardy (again) & for that question, I was the smartest man ever! To celebrate my small victory, I shall enjoy the fruits of my answer... I mean, question.

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