Digging around for cool gaming items on Etsy I found these fun, super-small 3D printed game systems. I had to grab a few.

I just needed something I don't see often that I can have as decorations on my table or shelf. These are perfect for that.

They had a lot to choose from so I grabbed a few of my favorites including a Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis and Nintendo Switch. They even through in a 2DS just for fun. The carts are separate from the N64 and Genesis so you can take them out and everything. Of course they don't actually play, but they sure look cool.

The Switch was pretty intricute as it has a place to insert a screen shot. They included a few different pieces of paper for different games. In this photo I used Splatoon. The joycons can even be detached and placed in the joycon grip or on the switch itself. Super neat!

Just one of those things I saw and was interested in and if you're into video games like I am, maybe you'd be interested, too.

These are from Rabbit Engineering on Etsy who turns his Etsy shop on and off at times, but worth checking out if needed.

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