Well, good job! You've just pissed off your wife or girlfriend - now what? You most certainly can't stick around your place. The tension in the air makes it worse so it may be a good idea to just leave the house for a bit. Where to go is up to you but here are a few suggestions of where you can calm down a bit before checking into your nocturnal residence on the couch.

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    Eh, why the hell not. Walmart is big enough that you can walk up and down all of the isles. Maybe look blankly at the back of several DVDs even though you're completely familiar with the dvd but want to see what pictures they use on the box. Watch a bit of whatever's on the TVs, usually whatever new animated family movie is available. While you're at Walmart you might think of picking up an apology gift and an "I'm Sorry" card for your significant other. Just make sure that gift isn't a broom or vacuum or something.

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    The Rec Room Bar and Grill

    This place is one of my favorite places in town. Located a Glenwood Square, I think this place has some of the best food in town, good beer and I love the staff. Something about just pulling up a stool to a giant oak bar, grabbing a pint and maybe some tots to reset your mindset.

  • tedbrownmusic.com

    Ted Brown Music

    Feel like blowing off some mental anguish in a creative way? Maybe a trip to Ted Brown Music is what you need. If you know to play the guitar, maybe they'll let you jam out for a few moments to collect your thoughts or, best case scenario, you'll write the next #1 hit song about what ever you did to get you out of the house.

  • yakimaathletic.com

    Yakima Athletic Club

    This is the perfect place to go if you're mad and feel like hitting something. Channel that anger into something useful by lifting weights. Maybe hop on a treadmill for a few minutes to burn off some pent up energy to think about what you did and plan on how to fix the problem.

  • worldofmonopoly.com

    Your Mom's House

    When in doubt, there's always mom. Anyone's mom will do. Even my mom if you know her. I don't mind and I'm sure she wouldn't, either. If you've got nowhere else to go and don't feel like talking to someone that will judge your decisions, swing by your mom's house if you have the ability.