I hit estate sales looking for mid century modern furniture on a regular basis. Last Friday I took Todd with me because he collects any memorabilia pertaining to the Seahawks or Mariners and this particular estate sale had a bunch. Apparently he and his wife were in the process of "decluttering" so I apologize to her now for contributing to Todd's sickness. He did however, get the score of the day with 3 complete seasons of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" for $1 each. I was actually quite jealous. Enjoy your videos... Taaahd.

If you concluded, from the sports memorabilia, that there were a bunch of items that would fit nicely into a man cave you were right on the money. Above was the item that I coveted the most but could not afford... a vintage slot machine from back when the "family" still conducted a skim in 1937. They put a price of $1000 on it but if it lasted until Saturday the price, as estate sellers will typically do, was to be cut in half. Assuming it was still there it would have been the buy of the year as I was concerned. Of all the times to be broke.

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