After seeing Todd's "Man Cave", and seeing all of his sports memorabilia and jock treasures, I was inspired to go through and share with you guys my fandom. My love for all things nerdy. I've had many versions of my "Nerd Den" or as my wife calls it the "Nerd Room of Doom". She use to call it the "Bat-Guano Cave" but, that was hurtful. Although when you see my collection to Batman vs all my the other things that bring me "nerd-wood", you'll understand her comment. To quote the Joker from the Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight... "and here... we... go!"

When I created my man cave/nerd room, I wanted to try and have one item that reflected my love and interests. In it you'll find things related to comics, movies, TV shows, cartoons, video games, comedians! If I love it, it's represented somewhere in my room.


In the above picture you can see my love for Batman with bendable "gumby" type figures from Batman '66 as well as a Batman '89 bendable figure that Todd gave me for my last birthday. A Star Trek pizza Cutter, a collection of diecast cars (Batmobiles, K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, & ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters). I'm also a classic slasher movie lover, you can tell by my set of Freddy Vs. Jason & Army of Darkness figures. My love for Family Guy & Scooby-Doo is shown and yes, Timmy from South Park will be seen a couple times through out these pics. All these stand tall while the legend George Carlin stares at his hands!


My main wall! You can see my love of comics represented with a neon Marvel sign my friend Aaron Bennett gave me! Also on display is some of my metal/wood signs, plush heroes as well as a statue of "The Tick" my friend Stan Owen made for me. Rick & Morty & anime Trigun plus a poster of the video game Mass Effect is on full display. The biggest take away on this wall is my love of comedy! The original "Laugh Lounge" sign from the comedy club I co-owned, as well as my ventriloquist dummy & Curly from The Three Stooges top left.

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You may ask, where's this "Collection of Chaos", it comes in the form of my comic collection. This is maybe an 8th of what I have. These are the books I need to read. Plus my Legos I still need to play with. Don't worry, I do have some class, as you can tell from a couple trophy's up top by the Halo Master Chief helmet. Funko Pop (yes that is a Space Ghost Funko in the center of the picture below) toys have also helped in finding what I love and helping represent it (as you can see).


My Nerd Den also doubles as my music room, so you have my stereo surrounded by the king nerd "Weird Al" Yankovic! I so badly want to be able to play music. Sadly, out of all my family members, I'm the one who learned how to tell fart jokes into a microphone, where as my Dad, Brother, Mom, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins etc. all gained the musical talent. I can play a little bit, and strive to play more, but for the most part I can't. But the music part of my room does contain a piano, drum kit (lower left), as well as a couple guitars. To my credit, I can play almost any brass instrument (Trombone, trumpet, tuba etc.) but unless I'm in a ska band, that's not very rock! Where I lose out on the music front, I more than make up for it in Nerd Cred! If you think my room is a mess... you should see my wife's craft room!

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