I've been a huge collector my entire life, it started with toys, evolved to comic books and all-around nerdy collectibles. Imagine my excitement when I found a shop in Yakima that not only has nerdy collectibles but a whole lot more.

Ron's Coin & Collectibles is located in the heart of downtown Yakima and has the best vintage collectibles, toys, comics, playing cards, and a whole lot more. To get the full expierence you'll wanna make a stop there.

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During my time in the shop, I found vintage items I had only read about online, they had the hat from a 1960's Batman costume that has pretty much gone extinct, they also had classic Star Wars Toys that were released back in the '70s and are still pristine as the day they came out.

If you're into vintage signs, memorabilia or coins this is a place you have to go, they specialize in finding exactly what you're looking for in their shop and the people behind the counter are always friendly and getting you with a smile...behind their mask.

Ron's Coins and Collectibles

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