Hi.  My name is Todd, and I am left-handed.

The first step in recovering from a problem is admitting it, no?

Being primarily left-handed (I do some tasks with my right) I have had to face the daily adversity that comes with living in a world that caters to right-handed people.
Spiral bound notebooks.
Computer mouse.
School room desks.

The list is endless and goes completely unnoticed by the other 85-90% of the population.

It's a shame too because some of the most creative, influential and powerful people in the history of mankind were and are 'southpaws'.  In fact, FIVE out of the last six Presidents of the United States have been lefties!

Paul McCartney? Jimi Hendrix? Kurt Cobain?  Yup.  Left-handed.

Why such a propensity for greatness from such a small minority of the population?  Scientists still don't know what makes lefties, well...  lefty.

The following video explains it about as well as I have ever heard.  If you, like me, are a left-handed person living in a right-handed world, maybe you can find some answers.