What if you could combine good decision-making skills, quick thinking, and some good old-fashioned luck? You'd have an excellent chance to win when 92.9 The Bull plays 'WHACK-A-BULL' -  all this coming week just after 8 AM.

Brian. Reesha and Ryder on the Morning Bull Pen think they've come up with a perfect combination. Well, other than themselves, for fun, a few laughs, and an opportunity to win a family four-pack of tickets to SILVERWOOD THEME PARK & BOULDER BEACH WATER PARK. You're just a few hours away from a family getaway to fun and lifetime memories.

How Does Yakima Play 'Whack-A-Bull' on 92.9 The Bull?

First, be listening at 8 AM for your cue to call in and play Whack-A-Bull for a chance to win tickets to Silverwood. You'll begin by yelling whack-a-bull and receive a question from Brian, Reesha, or Ryder. If you know the answer, go for it. If you're not sure, say 'Next'. If you don't know that's fine, just don't give the wrong answer, or you'll be sent packin' and not for Silverwood! After you've dealt with your first question and answer, yell whack-a-bull once again and field another question. After a third question, and this one is un-missable, you'll win those tickets!

Why Is Winning Whack-A-Bull Like Participating in The Summer Olympics?

Oh, it could be the pageantry of it all. It could be that similar skill levels are necessary to perform well with either. Or, frankly, it's NOT like that at all. It's really just for fun and the sharing of amazing tickets.

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