Just announced, a new prize wedge on the Wheel of Goodness, in fact several new wedges on the Wheel of Goodness, all dealing with Silverwood Theme Park & Boulder Beach Water Park! Wedges? Plural? Yup, on the wheel you have a chance to score one ticket, a pair of tickets, or even a family four pack to Idaho's Family Fun Summer Destination Location... Silverwood! (Don't worry, the wedge size is determined by the amount of tickets... i.e. the family four pack wedge is MUCH bigger than the single ticket wedge). **wink** SPIN & WIN ALL THIS WEEK!

You might be asking yourself, how is Silverwood open? Everything is closed! We checked, Silverwood Theme Park IS open and still operating in the time of COVID-19, with the same days and hours as before (at least until 9/26). You can check out their full calendar & hours of operations here. When it comes to safety in the days of COVID, the theme park is asking their guests to please bring a mask, just in case the situation calls for it. They are not manditory, but recommended. For more information on how Silverwood has handled entertaining the masses in the days of Coronavirus, you can click here for the rules & more park info.

Photos Courtesy of Silverwood
Photos Courtesy of Silverwood

Stay safe, have fun, and stay tuned for your chance to win with Todd & Timmy and the Wheel of Goodness, every weekday morning on 94.5 KATS! Plus make sure you download the KATS App! You never know when one of those Secret Silverwood Contests will buzz on your phone!


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