If making summer memories with your family is a priority, one surefire way to make those memories last a lifetime is to load the family and in the car and head east to an oasis of amusement, chilling thrills, and big splashes of fun.

Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park near Coeur d Alene, Idaho beckons and it's just a few hours away. Our family enjoyed many visits to this Northwest one-of-a-kind destination and my kids still remember how much more adventurous their Mom was on the more intense rides than I was. Hey, some people prefer to plunge and spin and seemingly fly through the air - while others of us enjoy a nice lazy stroll or refreshing glide through the water. That's what's so great about Silverwood, there is literally something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

What Are Some of the Rides You Should Definitely Do When You Go?

Well, this depends entirely upon what your tolerance level of thrill happens to be and the recommendations you receive will vary depending upon who you ask for advice. Silverwood and Boulder Beach have all kinds of options from low, medium, and high intensity. When I say high intensity, I mean some of the rides give me white knuckles and that's just when watching someone else do it.

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