I'm the biggest fan of movie popcorn, a big ole' tub is the best way to go but I still wouldn't break into a movie theater to get some but apparently, a Richland woman decided she was going to do just that and she now has been arrested.

Richland Police Department is reporting that they've arrested a woman who broke into Richland's Fairchild Cinemas overnight.

As reported by our news partner KNDU, the woman, aged 30, broke into the Fairchild Cinemas late last night.

RPD reported that the break-in happened at about 4:30 AM and Police arrived about 30 minutes later after being notified by the owners of the theater.

No major damage was reported by the Richland Police but police are still baffled because no reason was given for the break-in.

I still think it was for the popcorn! You can check out more details on the story here.

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