I guess this lady from Mesa, Arizona never heard that old saying... "don't put anything in your ear bigger than your elbow" because she put something smaller than an elbow into something smaller than her ear-hole... a vibrator into her urethra!

Earlier this month, a woman (who prefers to be unnamed) was wearing her new $69 Vesper Vibrator Necklace out on a date with her boyfriend. Later that night she decided to use it, on the outside of her body, like the warning label advises. Next thing she knows, she moves, it disappears, and she felt vibrations & pain!


Rushing to the ER, the staff was shocked after an x-ray showed how it went into her bladder through her urethra and turned sideways. A Surgery was performed to remove the "Double A" battery using sex-toy-necklace, and she is expected to make a full recovery.

The woman is planning on filing a lawsuit against Crave (Necklace maker) for inadequate warning label, that this could happen during normal use and how the small and narrow design is dangerous. She also comments that she would "probably" stop using sex toys after this incident. To see the full story (including x-rays) check out the video from YouTube AZFamily CBS2AZ Channel below.

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