97 Rock did not become 97 Rock until the first week in October, 1994.

While we wuz still Walla Walla's Kickin' Country satellite stick, KNSN, yee haw, in August 1994, we were trying to finalize a format flip and get our ducks in a row with the FCC in time to launch the station in conjunction with a flyaway splash to Woodstock '94.

That didn't come together then, nor did our best attempts succeed five years later in putting listeners right in the middle of the 30th anniversary show, and 97 Rock's five year marker, Woodstock '99. Come to think of it, it's for the best it DIDN'T happen.

The Woodstock '99 festival will be the subject of an upcoming Netflilx docuseries, no date to stream has been released, where a deep dive can be expected into the culture that created Woodstock '99 and the telling of the real story behind how "three days of peace, love and music" went down in flames.

Woodstock 99 - YouTube
Woodstock 99 - YouTube

Featuring unseen archive footage and intimate testimony from people behind the scenes, on the stages and in the crowds, the series aims to "tell the untold story of a landmark musical moment that shaped the cultural landscape for a generation."

Woodstock '99, held over four days, July 22nd-July 25th,1999, in Rome, New York, served as the 30th anniversary commemoration of the original 1969 event.

What started out great featuring an MTV slicked up presentation to usher in the new century, quickly deteriorated, due to factors including, but not limited to, oppressive heat, and lack of affordable food and water, into violence, robbery, accusations of sexual abuse and massive destruction of property. And then there was Limp Bizkit.

Just how Netflix likes it.


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