Just before this year's World Cup took the limelight, Vicky Form, a Mexican lingerie company released a pair of women's underwear that "vibrate every time a goal is scored." Siente el Juego was shown just before the kickoff with a video that boasts how "every year 4 million couples separate because of football" and offers a high-tech way to help avoid that: cyber panties!

The NSFW video (below) shows a woman trying on the new undies and immediately starts paying attention to the game. All while scientists pay attention to her, bio-readings, and taking notes and stats. I assume it's to help make a better undergarment.

Like most things nowadays, the video caused a ruckus on social media, calling it sexist and lack of judgment by the company and advertising. Check the video (in Spanish) out below and make the call. Good fun to sell underwear, or inappropriate and mocking of the values of World Cup Soccer?

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