A sad day for coffee drinkers and fans of scantily clad women will be coming soon to the Yakima Valley. After nearly 14 years of business on South First Street, the Moulin Brew coffee stand announced via a Facebook Post that they would be closing its windows permanently on October 29th.

The Facebook announcement was posted late Sunday night (10/16) informing the public of the upcoming closure along with pictures from the years in business as well as a heart felt thank you.

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"After nearly 14 amazing years in business, Moulin Brew will be closing its doors, a decision that did not come easily. We hired our daughter to run the shop for the last 6 years while we focused on our careers, it has now come time that she moves on and focuses on her new career journey as well." reads the Facebook post.

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It continues on with thanks to the family, friends and the community that has supported the business over all these years. "Our family has made so many friends, new family, and unforgettable memories over the years with our employees and customers, many of them being with us from day one."

Moulin Brew has been a staple on First Street. Helping out with many events and charities, including our radio station's "10 Deeds in 10 Days" fundraiser event back in October of 2015. Events like that would not have been possible with out the amazing staff. To them the post gives praise: "We were lucky to have met and employed some seriously amazing, beautiful, and smart women over the years, a lot who blended into part of our family."

TSM/John Taylor
TSM/John Taylor

Moulin Brew plans to have their last official day open to the public on Saturday, October 29th. Giving customers a little bit more time to swing by for a coffee and to wish the employees luck on their upcoming paths in life.

Thanks again, Yakima. We will have some great, funny, sometimes interesting, memories to always look back on.

- Moulin Brew



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