This post started as a funny Christmas video that I remembered and wanted to share. The more I did research, the more my jaw dropped and applaud this lady! This video jingled into my life about 4 years ago, and like many (including her when she originally filmed it) it brought a smile to my face. The lovely tattooed lady is named Sara Mills (Sara X), and she's been on numerous talent competition TV shows for her Boob Twerky ability. She first popped onto YouTube for her talent with Mozart. She then turned her talents to the Christmas season in the video below courtesy of DailyMotion.

Her story has gone on a roller coaster of emotions the last couple years. Having everything from illness & undergoing breast surgery to remove her implants, to being diagnosed with Adult Autism. She now uses her story & status to help inform others of what she has gone through. With a more recent video that she has shared on her YouTube page, she looks happier and healthier. Yes, we enjoy her viral videos, but we enjoy the whole lady more! Thank you Sara Mills & you go girl!

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