Imagine your six years old, and your watching the Mel Brooks classic "Spaceballs". A space Winnebago comes on the screen and you hear Bon Jovi's song "Raise Your Hands" blasting while a costumed John Candy is dancing and eating. He looks so happy, rocking out, eating food! Of course he's happy, but how do you really know? His Tail! You know because his tail is wagging! You laugh hard!

That's exactly how six year-old me reacted when I first saw it in 1987. The character of Barf, the Mawg, a half man, half dog... his own best friend, was awesome. It was quite the pain for John Candy though. He had to carry around a 45 pound battery pack & it took a crew of people to work the ears and tail. All the work that went into it, made it look amazing!

Luckily, with time & technology has made the pain of becoming our own mawg, much more tolerable. Thanks to a company called The Tail Company, we can now control our own robotic tails! Now with a simple push of an app on your smart phone, you can let the world know if your happy, exhausted, stunned, or in shock, or whatever (I don't really know how to read animal tails that well). The controls are pretty much how fast and high your tail wags. The new Bluetooth enabled tail is called miTail, and yeah, it comes in a plethora of styles, designs, or you can just get the pattern to make your own!

So whether you cosplay, are a furry, or just really love the idea of having a tail, there's a company that can fit your need, if you decide to hop on their Kickstarter! For an app that will make your booty shake, not necessarily your tail, get the FREE KATS App for more tails of WTF!

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