Right now, KATS is giving you the chance to "Go Fund Yourself" ten times every single day by tapping the KATS App & entering in the keyword! Expect the keyword a little after the top of each hour! The cool thing about this chance to win cash, up to $10,000, is it's much, much better odds than winning the lottery! Unless of course you're a certain couple from Spokane, Washington!

As heard on Todd & Timmy's Daily Dose of WTF, Henry and Gloria Dohler won $100,000 in the lottery! It was from a Hit Five lottery ticket from their local Safeway grocery store. Now you might be thinking, "that doesn't sound very 'what the f***!'" What makes this story WTF is the fact that they won $20,000 from a ticket they bought back in 2010... the store that they bought from? The exact same Safeway! What is even more of a WTF is how, the winning ticket, was a FREE ticket that they won, from a previous lottery ticket!

In a press release from Washington's Lottery, Henry tells how he almost forgot to check the free ticket, and his reaction when he saw that it was a winner!

“It’s like the saying goes, sometimes the best things in life are free. I had to check the ticket three times to make sure that I won, I just couldn’t believe it. I actually felt myself getting flushed like my temperature was rising… but for a good reason.”

-Henry Dohler


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The retiree's plan to use the money to travel! What would you do with some extra money? Remember to keep listening every weekday for 10 chances to "Go Fund Yourself" with 94.5 KATS!


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