There's an old joke that goes something like:

I won $1,000,000 in the Lottery! I gave a quarter of it to charity, and the other $999,999.75 to my guilty pleasures!

What would you do with all that money? Naturally, you'd have to change your identity. For some reason, people who win the that kind of dough seem to gain new family members. Many that they haven't seen in years, let alone EVER.

After you help out family and bills (naturally), what would you do? Would you fix up your house or just buy a new one? Heck, if you won one of these biggest lotteries in U.S. history, you wouldn't just buy a house, you could buy a whole block!

Would you go on a dream vacation? Indulge in just buying all the stuff you have always wanted? Would you buy a new car? Maybe the Batmobile? If so, which Batmobile?

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Would you be smart with your money and invest it, put it in the bank, or under your mattress? Would you take the lump sum or the money in payments? I always figure I'd do the payments, since you hear so many stories of how lottery winners go broke shortly after their big payday. If that were to happen to me, I'd just wait a month, and then I'd be rich again!

These are the types of questions people who win it big think about (I assume, I haven't won it big... yet) but, statistically speaking, if you live in California, you may just win it bigger than any other place in the United States! Thanks to our friends at Stacker, we now know the 16 biggest lotteries in U.S. history, 6 of them being in the state of California! Check out the full list below!

LOOK: The largest lottery jackpots in US history

Stacker compiled a list of the 15 largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history from news reports and lottery press releases. [This list is current as of July 25, 2023.]

For Stacker's full breakdown, click here.

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