WWE Backlash is one of many 'pay-per-view' events that happens throughout the year. Due to a recent scheduling conflict, this event may be a good this for us as it might take place in Tacoma now.

According to Cultaholic, the original WWE Backlack was slated to take place June 16 in San Diego. That Southern California show was cancelled due to just coming back from a major event overseas. Rumors are reporting that Backlash will now be on June 23 in Tacoma, assumedly at the Tacoma Dome as the Tacoma Dome is no stranger to WWE live events.

Until WWE officially announces it, it's to be taken as rumor. I sure hope it's right, though. Most WWE PPV events take place in New York or California, it seems. This may be the first since Wrestlemania took place at Safeco Field in Seattle over 15 years ago.

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