Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the Yakima Valley the YMCA opened the Rotary Aquatics Center on 40th Avenue. When the pandemic closed businesses it also forced the closure of the aquatic center. The YMCA Executive Director Bob Romero battled with the state to get the facility reopened and during the pandemic it saw limited use. But things are beginning to get back to normal as possible at the Yakima YMCA Rotary Aquatics Center. Romero says the pool at the aquatics center has been open for lap swimming and water walking but the water play area for kids was closed during the pandemic. That's changed now. Romero says the aquatics center area for kids is now open on a reservation basis for members and day pass users. A number of slots are available during various sessions all week. Call the ymca 490-3900 or check

If you want to wait for the public pool in Yakima to open planning is underway. Yakima City Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkenson says the city is moving forward with plans to open Franklin Pool at 2101 Tieton Drive in early June under the current restrictions. Wilkenson says there will be capacity limits because the county is still in phase 3 of the state's reopening plan. He says they're preparing the pool now for the upcoming summer unless more restrictions are placed on the county before June. If that happens he says they'll have to adjust to the schedule and may have to close or delay the opening of the pool.

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