3 Reasons To Read The Journey of A Yakima Man's Unbelievable Belt!:
Based On A True Story

A little belt had a big pair of pants to hold up.
It went very well till the man put keys, wallet, pocket knife, and a phone in his pocket. No matter how hard it strained, it could feel the pants slipping down.
It squeezed and squeezed, tightened and strained. It felt a helping hand grab ahold of the belt loops and pull up. Tug! Tug!

It was no use, as the man walked a few more steps, the belt felt the pants slipping.
The man knew that no matter how much the little belt tried, it couldn’t do the job alone. The little belt needed help. Tug, tug! Tug Tuuuug!


Pretty soon the little belt saw a pair of suspenders up ahead and said:
“Will you help me keep the man’s pants up? His butt has disappeared and pockets are so over loaded, so they just keep falling down.”
The big pair of suspenders looked down at the little belt and said:
“Don’t you see, people make fun of other people who wear belts and suspenders. It’s one thing if the man’s pants fall down, it’s another thing for him to make a fashion faux pas.”


The little belt was sad, but understood. If it failed at its job and the pants fell down, it would make an embarrassing moment. But that that would quickly be forgotten since everyone’s attention spans are so shot. Thanks to phones, which is another reason why the belt is having a harder time at its job. Tug Tuuuug!

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The little belt had no choice. It did its job. It squeezed and squeezed, tightened and strained. It felt a tearing and a ripping in its body. It needed to keep the pants up through the work day, if it can just keep them up until the man gets home. The little belt started to sing:
“I-think-I-shall! I-think-I-shall! I-think-I-shall! I-think-I-shall! I-think-I-shall!”


Finally, 5-o’clock came. The man went home, took off his pants and changed into sweat pants. The little belt still felt strong, even though he was beaten up, tore, devastated, wrecked, ravaged, and gutted. He said quietly to himself:
“It’s up to you now draw string, tug tug.”


Now you might be asking yourself... what are the 3 reasons why I needed to read this tale?

3.) It teaches people to stop bullying other people who need to wear a belt and suspenders. They're doing the world of favor by wearing pants, so don't shame them for needing extra help keeping them up.

2.) What you have just read is based on a true story.

1.) You just experienced a parody of The Little Engine That Could. Your childhood thanks you.



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