I am going to always crack up about Missed Connections on Craigslist! But why can't people be a little more informative!There are thousands of people that attend the World Famous Smokeout Chokeout with Speakeasy and 94.5 KATS every year! Tons of different people throughout the two day event.

I mean the guy says 'The dirty blonde hair girl sitting at the bar'! Are you freaking kidding me! HA

There was about 25 woman that matched that description for real! Here it is!  Be prepared to crack up as hard as I did!

smoke out choke out Thursday night the 1st of August - m4w

We made eye contact plus more on Thursday. I was sitting at the bar. Your the dirty blonde with some curl in the hair. You were with friends. I wanted to get to know you.

[That is all he says]

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