Darkness is here, and it will only get darker until the Winter solstice (Wednesday, December 21st). After that, our days will start getting longer, which, you guessed it, MORE SUN! Until then, I would like to stress… TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS!

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I know it should be common sense, but as I've often said, common sense is hardly ever common. Lately, it feels like it's always dark during the drive times, and for many, it is! I know I'm not the only one feeling frustrated when I head to work early and head home late.

"Headlights! People!! When I go to work in the morning, it is still dark, not light, for another hour or so. Almost "every single morning" I see cars driving in the dark with no lights on. People, PLEASE turn your headlights on! We can't see you and could easily pull right out in front of you! Thank you." – Pat Delamere

The above quote came from the WTF Just happened in Yakima? Facebook page and Pat said it perfectly! I would also add that it's not a bad idea to keep your headlights on during the day at this time of year, especially in these snowy conditions and if you take the freeway. In a frost-covered side mirror of a truck that you're passing, even if you're not in the blind spot, if your headlights are not on, you might as well be.

I did a quick google search, and if people's safety isn't a concern for you, the fact that you could be fined anywhere from $130 to $200 for driving at night/dark without headlights. With winter conditions, hit the road and be smarter. Clear off the snow (don't get fined $533 as this Washington driver did), keep your lights on, drive slower, and be safe.

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