Yakima is giving you the opportunity to properly dispose of your unwanted prescription and over the counter medicine. Why would you get rid of them? Maybe they are expired? You don't need them anymore? You wanna keep them out of the hands of little kids. Especially with Halloween just around the corner, many pills can get confused for candy, especially with kids and pets. Also, it helps avoid break-ins and thefts. Sure, when a criminal breaks into your house, that is something that is usually targeted. Another situation that many don't think about is that someone you know maybe the culprit. They're taking them to use, or maybe just stealing them just to sell on the street? With situations like this, it hits closer to home when you realize how over two million people are trapped in the opioid epidemic.

Well, to help dispose of your pills & meds in a safe and organized manner, Yakima will be taking part in National Drug Take Back Day on October 24th. For the Yakima area, our "Yakima Drug Take Back Day" will be going on at the Yakima County Sheriff's Office located at 1822 South 1st Street. In a partnership with Safe Yakima Youth Coalition and the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce, this even will be going on from 10am till 2pm, and aims to keep Yakima's citizens healthy and safe. If you participate, please remember to socially distance when you can, and bring your face mask. If you are in need of a face mask, the Yakima Chamber will be giving out free cloth masks, while they last.

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