The Accident

Kylee Sinner, a huge KATS listener and a Veteran from the United States Army continues to be a hero!
Kylee was West Bound on Highway 12 around 1:30 am when she came upon a rolled over car on the other side of the street. She told me that is was really dark and not another car insight! She had jump across the wire dividers on the street to see what was going. It turns out the accident had just happened and no one had stopped yet!

That day i was picking up my friend Miranda from work. If she didn't ask me to give her a ride from Naches to Yakima, I would have never been in the right place at the right time and the other gentleman that stopped after I had stopped to help didn't have a cell phone. It was just by pure chance that I was there to help that lady out and make sure she was okay and got her in contact with her husband. He called me later that night and thanked me for everything and said he would contact me when his wife was feeling better. As far as I know, she had a minor neck injury and was obviously in shock and very scared and traumatized by the condition of her vehicle. She also has children who luckily were not with her. She was not intoxicated at all. She is a very hard working woman who had just gotten off work and fell asleep behind the wheel and woke up to being thrown around her vehicle after over correcting. FREAKING SCARY!!!!!

Kylee saved the anonymous woman's life! Kylee Sinner is my true hero for the day!

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