The day after Thanksgiving, many families got to work getting their houses in the holiday spirit. I took a drive around Yakima and got some quick pictures of random houses in the West Valley area (and a couple homes I passed on my way back to my residence) that were lit up.

Take a look at these houses and maybe you can get an idea of how you want to decorate your dwelling. Whether it’s with lights, blow up yard ornaments, or projected images, it doesn’t really matter. You’re doing something awesome, which believe it or not, is helping people.

Yakima home decorated with lights.

It’s no secret that this time of year can be hard for many people. With depression at a high point during the winter, even something as simple as seeing houses decked out with lights and lit up, can really brighten some moods (pun not intended).

If you haven’t done it yet, light up your house! Release your inner “Clark Griswold” and decorate for your family & friends. Heck, do it for your neighbors, for your city, and even for the world to see. (I don’t recommend making it so bright that air traffic control has issues, but you know what I mean).

When you do get it decorated, Tap the App and submit a picture of it for our Light Up Yakima 2022 contest. It could score you a $500 Visa Gift Card. You can use that to help out with your holiday shopping or even to purchase… MORE LIGHTS!

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Check out the photo gallery below of some of the houses in West Valley. Note, if you see your house in the gallery, it is NOT entered into the contest. You need to take a picture of your own house and submit it via our station App. It is included in the gallery because I just loved your house and snapped a picture to share with the world. Thank you and keep shining bright!

Yakima Holiday Lights 2022 (West Valley)

The day after Thanksgiving, many houses started getting decorated to help their neighborhoods get into the holiday spirit. Here are a few of the houses decked out in cheer that we got (blurry) pictures of as we drove by.

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