If you're searching for your first position or a brand new one it's important to have a resume and be prepared to apply for quite a few jobs. You don't know which one will provide a call back so going after just one and hoping for the best is not how a job is found. It can get frustrating and discouraging but don't let it overwhelm you. Each week's listing of positions is the most recent that I could find so at any time you come across and want to add your jobs to the list or have seen a place hiring that isn't mentioned, shoot us a message, and will gladly keep it updated until next week's listing rolls around.

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Yakima Valley Memorial

If you are interested in helping others, being at the center of our medical system or gaining volunteering hours then you've got to check out the entire listing of jobs over at Yakima Memorial Hospital. They are currently hiring in every field and almost every type of position from cook to surgeon and more.

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Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

The Call Center is wanting to hire full-time positions between the hours of 6:30 am - 6:30 pm. You not only will be provided with health benefits but paid holidays and access to a fitness facility and it would be wonderful if you are bilingual

Multiple locations in town and they are hiring

C&S Coffeehouse

Do you like to decorate cakes & cookies? Are you a very artistic person who loves to make edible art? Are you familiar with Royal Icing? C & S Coffeehouse is looking for you!! We pay a competitive wage, offer Afflac, Health Insurance and a Retirement Plan! Please message me for more information or if you are interested!

Please reach out to Cassie Gordon

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This clothing brand is searching for brand ambassadors and the beginning hiring age is 16 for all those searching for their first job opportunity

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There are positions available in Yakima and Selah for maintenance, shift manager, and Guest Experience Lead

They are hiring

Popeye's Louisianna Kitchen

Currently hiring for full-time and part-time positions


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They are hiring, are you searching for a job?


You could work on-line, in-store, at the gas station, or more


This is the type of company you could work your way to the very top if you wanted to. Currently, they are hiring for General Merchandise, Specialty Sales and guest advocate


Yakima Valley College

Full-time Faculty Counselor is up for grabs and I bet that's not the only position they are hiring for currently

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Abby's Legendary Pizza

If you love driving then maybe becoming a full-time delivery driver could be the perfect position for you

Mod Pizza / John Riggs

Mod Pizza

Brand new job opening for a team member in Yakima


Always more jobs available than you are expecting so don't limit yourself when searching through the twenty different jobs that are available


Graf Investments 

Reach out to the local growing company and see what position fits your work experience best

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