Saturday, January 6th is National Cuddle Day! If this is news to you, you're not alone. To the best of my efforts, I can not find the date for the FIRST national cuddle day, but I'm assuming it was created by someone able to proclaim national holidays, who was really comfy next to their partner in bed, and chose to not get up in the morning! I for one, thank that person!

There are many benefits to hugging, cuddling, and physical touch. It releases dopamine (a brain chemical that helps your focus and memory) and oxytocin (a hormone that helps reduce heart disease, it can lower blood pressure, and decrease anxiety and stress). Cuddling benefits emotionally by strengthening bonds in relationships, and it just flat-out feels nice!

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How Do You Celebrate National Cuddle Day?

Simply put, just hug, hold, and just be with someone! Preferably someone you like. And don't cuddle someone by force or "extreme cuddling"; that's called ASSAULT and is very illegal and immoral!

What If You Don't Have Anyone To Cuddle With?

It's sad to think that some people do not have someone they can lean on and hold. Depression is especially tough this time of year. If you need help, please remember you are not alone. Reach out and dial 9-8-8 (Suicide and Crisis Lifeline).

That said, if you are in a place where you're happy but don't have anyone, a pet would love cuddles (unless it's a pet fish, they are best to stay in the water, and cuddling a pet snake could become a danger hug).

Wade Austin Ellis via Unsplash
Wade Austin Ellis via Unsplash

If a pet is not possible, there is another option. Professional Cuddlers!

What is A Professional Cuddler?

It is someone who comes to you and hugs and holds and cuddles you for a fee. Think of it more as a door-to-door massage therapist than the other profession that might be going through your head.

There are a couple of companies in Washington with Cuddling Professionals throughout the entire state, and if one isn't in your city, some do travel.,, and are just a few sites with cuddle pros in Washington. And if this sounds like something you might be interested in doing for some extra cash (the average rate is $80 an hour), each website is looking for recruits to become your own Contract Cuddler.

Not sure if Cuddle Therapy as an actual business? Check out what they've been doing in Idaho!

What You Need to Know About Cuddle Therapy in Idaho

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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