How well do you like to represent your wiener? Could you do it full time and professionally? Are you willing to travel the country, attending wiener events and doing wiener press conferences? Would you relish (pun intended) the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of the iconic Wienermobile? Then here's an opportunity that you can't top (not even with a condiment).

Maybe your side gig of a professional cuddler didn't pan out, and you're looking for the next great adventure. Well hot diggity dog, the fine folks at Kraft Heinz could be your next employer as you travel the country putting footlong smiles on people's faces, as part of the Hotdogger Program!

"The Hotdogger Program was designed to hire and develop top-talent, grow future leaders of the company, and create gamechangers, innovators, and cultural champions."
- Kraft Heinz Application

If you think you have what it takes to be a Hotdogger, and actually DO have the requirements (bachelor's degree, valid driver's license, good driving record, the ability to pass the Federal Department of Transportation Physical, Drug/Alcohol Test, and a standard background check), then you might want to mustard up the courage and apply!

"The team of Hotdoggers and Wienermobile offer the Oscar Mayer brand an unparalleled competitive advantage, delivering incremental sales, merchandising, distribution, and creating a personal experience with thousands of consumers each year."

- Kraft Heinz Application

Keep in mind, this job is for only a year, but it does sound like that could just be the start of a life long career! You will be on the road for most of that time, working holidays and being away from home. If the other jobs you've worked have been the wurst, then this one might leave a better taste in your mouth.

Full details (job expectancy, salary, and benefits) as well as the portal to apply, can be found here. Just think, after your year-long travels, you can Ketchup with all your friends and family about your time as a Hotdogger!

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