Did you honk at this "LOSER" this past Saturday in Union Gap at the corner of West Valley Mall Blvd and Longfibre Rd? Well, this "LOSER" is actually a pretty damn good sport! She made a bet, lost it, took the consequences in stride, and looked good while doing it!

When I saw this picture posted on the WTF Just happened in Yakima? Facebook group page, I lol'd... out loud! So many times, you see people on the corner either panhandling or trying to sell something. It was great seeing someone out just to get a honk and hopefully make someone laugh. Job Well Done!

Lady Dressed up Funny Asking People to Honk
Pic Courtesy of Brian Benintendi

I reached out to Brian Benintendi, who posted the picture, because I wanted to know the details behind the "LOSER."

"Her name is Dallas Delp, and she is in our Fantasy Football league called '11 Amateurs and 1 Pro.' It was a $50 buy-in league with the stipulation that whoever got dead last would have to take a shift on that intersection on the day before the Superbowl, when we knew it would be packed."
- Brian Benintendi

I have laughed about fantasy football in the past, even comparing it to "Dungeons & Dragons for Jocks." That may be a bad or fair comparison, depending on the sideline you stand on, but if you're having fun and not hurting anyone, enjoy it! "The 11 Amateur and 1 Pro" fantasy league is made up of 12 people (6 couples). Brian was the overall winner in his group, and sadly, Dallas ended up dead last and lost the bet.

 She was a trooper and followed through even though she ended up walking off before her shift was over. For what's it worth, I ended up winning the league, over my best bro (Chaz Johnson), due to a technicality (Damar Hamlin injury) he made sure my trophy had an asterisk on it - Brian Benintendi


Fantasy Football Trophy
Pic Courtesy of Brian Benintendi

Most of the commenters on the WTF Just happened in Yakima? mentioned how a great sport Dallas was and gave her mad props for owning up to her part of the bet. I love this. Finally, some good news dealing with sports, where it seems like everyone has walked away laughing.

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