When I saw this poll, so many scenarios went through my head. Most involved flashbacks of 80’s comedy films and wacky montages. The poll asks the simple question: “Should you be arrested if you are locked out of your house naked?

Now, according to the Poll on Reddit, the question was asked because a “friend” accidentally locked himself outside naked. The neighbor called the cops, and the friend was arrested and fined $200.

Over 1.5 thousand people voted with an overwhelming response of NO!

  • 161 – YES

  • 853 – NO

  • 303 – Depends on the Location

  • 40 – Depends on the Person

  • 20 – Other


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I reached out to my friend who works at the Yakima Police Department to ask the question casually. Her response was pretty simple. No, the person most likely would not be arrested (as long as they weren’t being a menace). They would probably be cited for lewd conduct. When I asked how the police would help the man out, she said they’d probably offer to call a locksmith, but it really depends on the situation.


What do you think? Should the person be arrested? Fined? Charged with indecent exposure? What if the person is ugly? What if they’re cute? Do they get a pass for that? Tap the App and let us know your opinion.



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