Have you heard about King Liang yet? He is a guy on YouTube that has over 1 million followers under his name, Plainrock124. I should also mention he's from Yakima! Well anyway King likes the smash stuff and people love watching him smash stuff. There is one time where he smashed a Nintendo Switch Lite and he has over 50 million views on that one video! 50 million!

Yakima YouTuber Smashes Nintendo
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I can't even bring myself to watch the video because I remember when my daughter Willow got gifted a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas one year, and I crap you not, that thing cost nearly $300. There is no way in h-e-double-hockey-sticks that I can condone someone just carelessly destroying something that cost nearly $300 like that. *covers eyes*

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The first thing that King Liang does in his video is show the box of the Nintendo Switch Lite and then he unwraps the console and places it in view for one last time before he smashes the stuffing out of it. That was as far as I got in watching the video I couldn't bear tp see any more.

The YouTube video is titled, "25 Ways to Break a Switch Lite."

Nintendo Switch Lite
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If you want to see the full video Ling Liang made (he filmed it a couple of years ago) you can click here or scroll below, and if you want to see more of King smashing up all kinds of stuff here is a link to his YouTube profile page where he has nearly two million followers as we speak. Did I mention that King is from Yakima? How cool is that? I'm not sure he still lives in Yakima but according to this website it says he was born here.

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