I often hear of Yakimanians complaining about the roads or how there is nothing to do in town.  The latest edition of Yakima Now, the City of Yakima’s local video magazine show, produced and hosted by my good friend Sean Davido is currently airing on Y-PAC channel 22, Charter Cable will give you some insight into exactly just what the City is up to.

The summer edition of Yakima Now includes a road construction story by veteran newsman Ken Crockett with Debbie Cook and our 'City In Style' correspondent Cheryl Ann Mattia visits with Jar Arcand from Santiago’s restaurant about outdoor dining and summer entertainment in Downtown, along with some entertaining tidbits from Franklin Pool (did you know you can’t wear a shirt on the slide?!) and the MLK Jr. spray park and playground plus a segment from the first 'Lunchtime Live' concert with outstanding local blues band Shoot Jake.

Please watch, share and enjoy!