When people hear the term “pole dancing,” for many of them, thoughts of erotic movements and darkened clubs are the first things that come to mind.

What EVERYONE needs to know is that it is has a long history trenched in acrobatics, exercise, and an art form!

Not only can you get a great workout, like with Zumba, and have fun learning to dance, like ballet, but it can also increase your self-esteem.

Twirling high above the ground, feeling the freedom of self-expression, and, most importantly, redefining how you see yourself!

pole dancers
Pics Courtesy of Jeni Wilson / Canva

Pole dancing can build muscle, endurance, and self-confidence, all while burning fat!

And who knows, it's now an Olympic sport, so one day, you could bring home the gold!

Learning how to do it is no easy task. It’s exercise!

Yakima has several tremendous and beautiful dance schools:

  • Yakima School of Ballet
  • Imago Dance Academy
  • Melody Lane Dance Music & Drama Academy
  • 11th Avenue Ballet School

To name a few.


But we now have a dance and fitness studio dedicated to the art of Pole Dancing.

The Pink Room Pole Dancing Studio celebrated its Grand Opening on Saturday, June 8th.

Complete with a pink room, poles, and many excited people ready to learn a new form of dance!

pole dancer
Pics Courtesy of Jeni Wilson / Canva

The grand opening of the Pink room was a success!” in a post on their official Facebook page.

The post continues, “Super blessed, and excited for this opportunity to provide a safe, no judgement place were each student can feel empowered and self-confident of themselves.

Helping with the grand opening were members of Wonderland Pole & Dance Studio of Richland, Washington.

pole dancers
Pics Courtesy of Jeni Wilson / Canva

The ladies were there to help teach and show the newcomers the ropes… ie. Poles!

Any new business opening when so many are forced to close is an outstanding achievement and opportunity for the people behind the scenes and the community.

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