With Halloween on the minds of most people, a common thought among kids (especially me back in the day) is, “what houses are giving away the good stuff?” & “Who has the full size candy bars?” Heck, I’ve even asked, “Which house should we stay away from, the one that gives out toothpaste?” Knowing that those were the questions on my young mind, I now ask myself, “do I have enough candy to hand out”, or “should I even bother?”

I asked several friends, family and co-workers this very same question, “Are you giving away candy this year. If so, how much are you getting?” Surprisingly, many really don’t plan to give out candy. One of my family members was pretty adamant about not handing out candy. They know their neighborhood and all the little ones in it. The problem she’s fed up with, is people trucking kids into the neighborhood to go trick or treating. She's fine buying candy for her neighbors, not the whole city? After two Halloweens of trying, it was more of an expense than she could handle.


Others had a different take and just felt that they haven’t had nearly as many trick-or-treaters in the past several years. Even before the pandemic, the doorbell rang less and less every year, but last year after the pandemic, it was pretty quiet. This makes sense, considering how many groups and businesses are doing Halloween events offering a one stop shop for free sweets.


All and all, the consensus I’ve found with my questioning of many Yakimaniacs about handing out candy on All Hallows' Eve, they don’t expect to, but they will have a bowl full of candy by the front door, just in case. And then most likely will have candy for breakfast in the morning to kick off November.



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