So, my other job has me travel all around the Yakima valley. When I need to make a stop, and take a “rest”, that’s what I do. Now I know my work would rather I didn’t do that, but thank you worker laws for the mandatory 15 minute breaks. I stopped at a certain Yakima establishment to use the facilities, and as I’m sitting there, I look down… and started laughing.


I’m not going to say which business this is, because the staff is all great and amazing. Their cleaning crew (which I did find out is a different company) is very nice and hardworking, but might not pay attention to every certain "detail". Now, you might be saying, “Tim, give them a break, everyone can make a mistake, and some things are bound to be missed while cleaning a big building.” True, but this "detail" stayed on the floor over the course of 3 weeks. (NOTE: I worked as a custodian for over 10 years at a place in Yakima called Talcott Music Store, it is a tough job, and I have mad respect for those who work in this field).




Before you judge me for taking my phone into the restroom, know that I’m not going to leave it in my car. Plus, it’s not like you don’t sit on the throne scrolling so long that when you do stand up, you feel like you’re 80. Also, don’t look down on me for not doing the respectable thing and picking it up and throwing it away myself. First off, gross and ewww. Second, I was curious how long it would stay on the ground. The answer to that question… 2 weeks, 5 days.


The Other Questions I Have

After me seeing it on the floor, many questions came to my mind. First off, who picks their teeth in the bathroom? At least in a public bathroom and also in the stall? Were they serving horderves with toothpicks?  Did someone finish their Club Sandwich in the restroom? Is it just a habit like chewing gum, and they had the tooth pick in their teeth, saw something that shocked them, and it fell out of their mouth? Were they chewing on it, only to have to “push” too hard and tore something, causing them to scream out in pain, and lose their tooth pick? (I did ask the staff, and they heard no screams coming from the bathroom in recent history). Is this some type of new “Johnny Appleseed” of filth? Like I said too many questions, we may never know.

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As of this writing, the toothpick is gone! Which brings more questions. Did the custodial crew finally see it and clean it? Was it reunited with its lost owner? Did someone use the stall and need a tooth pick, just to look down and was like “Wow, it’s my lucky day!” Where ever it is now, I hope that inanimate object is happy.


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