The Yakima School District is hoping to get academic resources for students ready for home-based schoolwork by Monday (March 23), the district announced Wednesday. The effort is the district's response to a statewide mandate closing schools through April 24 to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"We have been meeting to determine how to balance the safety of staff with the need to retrieve and copy the necessary materials to provide for students," YSD's chief communications officer, Kirsten Fitterer, said in a statement to local media. Recognizing that a significant number of Yakima students have no internet access, however, the work would be optional and ungraded for now.

"Once we receive further guidance from the state," the release said, "we will also be providing support for our 12th graders to complete graduation requirements. Our plan will also include potential communication options with teachers, to check in with students, answer questions and provide an extra layer of comfort for students."

With most school district employees working from home, the best way to connect with school officials is through the district's special coronavirus web page, which you can access here.

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