It's been nearly two weeks since roughly 5,000 concert-goers cramped the Yakima Valley SunDome to witness Shinedown in concert. While there is still a buzz following the show, enough time has since elapsed for fans in attendance to upload their videos to YouTube.

Here are some of the higher quality videos in order of the band's setlist that night:

YouTuber "Wicked Prime" snagged a number of, well, the numbers that night, including the show opening that lead in to "Sound of Madness".

An account under the name "The Attitude" posted this vid with lead singer Brent Smith asking, "Yakima, did you bring your singing voice with you?"

Justin Pratt caught much of the concert as well. Here's "I'll Follow You Down" from his vantage point.

This clip, also from Justin Pratt, gives a good view of the size of the crowd on the floor who stood for the entire show

Appropriately enough, during the next song, "Unity", one fan caught a four year-old girl celebrating her birthday and first concert by crowd-surfing and high-fiving as many fellow fans who "put their hands in the air".

Definetelt the crowd-pleaser of the night was the band's cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man"

The concert closed with one of Shinedown's newest songs from their upcoming album "Attention! Attention!" called "Devil"

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