You go to the store, buy your groceries, head home, and go on with your merry life. A couple of days later, you get a notice from your bank that your account has been hacked. Money is missing, and your identity has been stolen. How did this happen?

That's the scene that could be playing out for many residents of Battle Ground, Washington. Police are warning the public to be careful of credit/debit card "Skimmers" not just in Battle Ground but all across Washington after one was found attached to a Walmart payment terminal.

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This isn't the first time criminals have used skimmers to access customers' personal information. Many years ago, many were found attached to gas station pumps.

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Regarding the latest finding, The Battle Ground, Washington Police Department, has advised Walmart customers in that area who purchased items on March 3rd between 6 a.m. and 10:45 p.m. to keep an eye on their financial records and report anything suspicious to 3-1-1.

How Do You Know If There's A Credit Card Skimmer

There are a couple of telltale signs that the normal store reader might have been tampered with. The stripe reader is at a funny angle, and the keypad buttons are off-center and hard to push. When in doubt, pull on the device to see if it's loose. It will come apart, although not hard enough to break it. If you are in doubt, let a store employee know so they can inform their supervisor.

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