2020 was, obviously, a brutal year for all of us but, for the already less-fortunate, it is getting more and more difficult to find relief here in Yakima even though we have turned the page onto a new year in 2021.

Yakima's Union Gospel Mission (YUGM), located at 1300 North First Street, is in desperate need of cash donations to continue to help feed, clothe and shelter the homeless here in town. With the Easter holiday rapidly approaching, the charitable sanctuary sent out a heartfelt plea.

The Mission's mission statement reads as such from their website at YUGM.org: "Thousands of people will go to bed hungry tonight. So many in Yakima are hurting… still trying to recover from the devastation caused by the pandemic. Your gift this Easter provides a nourishing meal to end their hunger and give them hope."

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According to the mission, the cost to provide one meal is just $2.07. Your donation also helps to provide more than just warm food, it also helps give shelter from the outdoors to the homeless as well as clean clothes and hygienic supplies and programs and counseling for those that need recovery from substances and/or mental health issues.

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For a one-time donation of just $49.68 you can help the mission serve 24 meals and help with other care for people in desperate need. A gift of $99.36 helps serve 48 meals and care and $149.04 will generate 72 meals + care.

There is also an option on the site to set-up your gift to be a recurring donation to help the mission on a much more consistent basis.

Let's face it,  there is a homelessness issue in Yakima as well as every other city and town in America. It is easy to look at the issue as a blight or pox but organization's like the YUGM are, literally, a boots-on-the-ground charity that does yeoman's work in helping to get those less fortunate off of the streets and, hopefully, on to a new and better life. Count your blessings and good fortune and consider making a donation today!

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For more information, visit www.yugm.org or contact Mike Johnson and/or Mary Broussard at (509) 248-4510.

YUGM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 1936.

If you are aware of a charitable cause in the Yakima Valley that you would like us to shine a light upon, please send us all of the pertinent information by using the "Message" function on our free mobile app!

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