Millennial International
As we approach the annual Thanksgiving holiday, we will all be reminded and confronted with our own lot in life and will likely take inventory of it - counting our blessings and considering the plight of those less fortunate as ourselves.
The "Old Patrol" Delivering Food To Rod's House
I'm mentally about 15. Unfortunately, no matter what an immature twit I am in my head, it's inside the body of a 52 year old man. I don't even think I look my age but that's probably because I don't have to look at myself all day.
So today we had to deliver the food and cash…
Seattle Seahawks Bug
On my way to the supermarket today to pick up a few supplies for dinner, I saw this Seattle Seahawks VW Beetle parked out front. It's in the shopping center on the northwest corner of Tieton and 72nd Avenue. They were raffling it off for charity...
Red Hot And Cool
Red Hot Chilli Peppers Drummer/part time Will Ferrel look alike Chad Smith did a pretty awesome thing last week.

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