Peeps for the people
It's a traditional Easter candy that some people love or they don't like at all. Marshmallow Peeps are abundant on store shelves this time of year, but a local bakery in Yakima decided to take the concept and make them better simply by making them themselves.
Today is Good Friday on the Christian calendar.  It is the day that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, which leads into the Easter remembrance of his resurrection. Religious or not, I think we all agree that just about every Friday is good.
It Has Begun?
Sure, they maybe pushing them as "EASTER Lights" but COME ON! WE KNOW! Let the freakin' rabbit, pumpkin, & turkey have their days before we start with the Christmas decorations. And no I'm not being a scrooge, it's FREAKIN' APRIL! I would like to at leas…

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