So you BBQ'd the 4th away, had hot dog after burger, after hot dog! You got full, and then you blew stuff up!

Then you came up, had to use the restroom and possibly continued to blow stuff up!

We’re still in summer, so we asked Yakima how to quickly get your summer bod back after a big food holiday like the 4th!

scale with a tape measure, and purple words

How do you drop 5 pounds? For some people it can be as simple as downing non-stop water.

Others can just stop drinking soda, others take that step even further and cut out sugar and carbs all together!

For people like Tony Gonsalez, it wasn’t just a quick 5 pounds, it was a lifestyle change!

I did a 5 day fast; was going for 7 days, (liquid only) I had a protein shake from a coffee shop, on my lunch I would have a naked smoothie (the small ones, I'd get two depending on how I felt), and water as a snack, ended up going from 330 to 250 and maintaining 280 for about 2 years now” – Tony Gonsalez

Henry Lopez had a little simpler approach to his pound droppage.

For me oatmeal for breakfast and for lunch some chicken and for dinner banana n a yogurt.” – Henry Lopez

Some of the more comedic tips to drop the quick pounds were:

  • Get The Flu!
  • Starve!
  • Poop A Lot!

Those might do the trick, but are not usually recommended. So what are the top 5 Ways Yakimaniacs Drop a quick Five Pounds?

#5 - Quit Dairy Products

cows, with a red circle slash around them

#4 - Eat Smaller Portions

a plate with little food on it

#3 - Quit / Cut Back on Sugar / Pop

can pouring sugar, glass of soda. Circle slash around the glass

#2 - Fast / Intermittent Fasting

a clock next to an empty plate, with an arm giving a thumbs up

#1 - Drink Lots of Water (Especially before meals and bed)

man drinking water, inner picture of a water bottle on ice.

What are your tips & what has worked for you? Tap the App and share your secrets!

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