Many people are still using the COVID-19 testing site in Yakima and it's moving. Officials from the Yakima Health District say the site at Yakima Valley College is moving to the former Orthopedics Northwest clinic at 1211 N 16th Avenue. The new location will open August 23. The site is moving from the parking because it's almost time for students to use the lot to go back to school this fall. A press release from the health district says "COVID-19 testing continues to remain an important strategy to control the spread of Covid-19. Testing, along with vaccinations and boosters provide the means to limit the spread."

More cases are expected in Yakima this fall and winter

Local health officials say as we go into the fall the winter they expect the emergence of new variants and increases in cases typical of that time of year. Michael Vachon, test site supervisor says “COVID-19continues to be a part of our lives and the need for low-barrier and easily accessible community testing has not gone away. Community testing ensures people can quickly determine if they are infected and take measures to prevent the spread to others,”

There are only a handful of testing sites in the state

It'll be a popular site when it opens because it'll be the only one between Richland and Seattle. The site will be open to anyone with symptoms, or anyone who has been exposed or is concerned about exposure. Health officials say tests can be performed on infants as young as 3 months and results are generally available the day after testing.
The new site will be a walk-up clinic located in the east parking lot of the former Orthopedics Northwest clinic at 1211 N 16thAvenue.

It's a walk up site but if you are unable to get out of your car there is an option

If you can't get out of your vehicle "there are ADA parking signs in the patient parking lot with the phone number.  When called, staff will come out to cars to do the test.
COVID-19 testing is available Tuesday through Sunday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

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