From the file of someone who has much more talent, time, AND patience then I do, comes a metal masterpiece! In case you missed it earlier this week when Todd & Timmy (weekday mornings from 7 till 10) rocked it as part of their Daily Dose of WTF, we decided to share it here, because something this awesome, is too good not to share! Kevin Conklin of Conklin Radio got the magnificent idea to gather every "Yeah!" sang by James Hetfield in Metallica. I have no idea how many "Yeah"'s that is, I'm not sure how many times the word "Yeah" is said through out Metallica's discography, but thanks to Kevin, we know that it ranks in at about 3:15 seconds! Take a listen below:

This is indeed epic. Pulling "Yeah"'s from many of Metallica's top songs! Fuel, Where Ever I May Roam, The Memory Remains, Enter Sandman, etc. In fact, James Hetfield has said Yeah so many times, I'm really surprised a Metallica song was not included in that 2008 romantic comedy film with Jim Carey & Zooey Deschanel "YES MAN". Hell, I'm surprised Metallica didn't flat out right a song called "Yeah!" For that matter, when the computer decided to write a Metallica song, why did it not have more "Yeah"'s in that? When will James throw down a "NO" in a song? We might never know the answer to these questions, but I will say, if you did enjoy the Metallica "Yeah" compilation, you're gonna love their "Metallica Likes Death" compilation, gathered by YouTuber Stevil. Check it out below!


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